Saturday, September 23, 2006


The topic of "Leagues" came up in my homegroup the other night and I thought it was super interesting. I have always wondered what boys think about a girl "being out of their league" and vice versa, so I ask boys all the time what their thoughts are on it. I guess I am just surprised how many people think they could never date someone because they are "out of their league".

I guess I don't really agree...I never have. I'm not saying that people will always be attracted to everyone (that, I know for sure, is not true), but I think "leagues" have a lot more to do with confidence than attractiveness. Case in point: there are plenty of popular people who are unattractive to most (ex: Mick Jagger--yum, not!) and there are tons of loners who are beautiful.

So, before you go out and ask that Hawaiian tropic model for her number and then blame me for her turning you down ("Katie said that leagues don't matter!"), hear me out. Signals and chemistry are still a must--I just think that you shouldn't rule out ANYONE before you've met them because you assume they'd never like you--you might be surprised. We see ourselves from such a warped lens and not everyone is tuned to that same frequency...sometimes they see the you that you try to hide from the world or they feel super comfortable around your quirkiness.

Or maybe I'm just crazy and arrogant because I feel I'm just as good as anybody else and I don't see any person on this earth as out of my league....

Anyone brave enough to share thoughts on this? :P

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today I got hit in the head...

with a red crayon. My favorite little kid in my Kindergarten class threw it at top speed at my forehead. I think he will have a career in baseball...only he swears it was supposed to fly into my hand. Oh, okay. So maybe no career then--just a life of juvenile delinquency. It narrowly missed my blue eyes and I narrowly missed his throat as I attempted to strangle him. Jk...don't think I didn't consider it...

We've also had 3 poopie pants accidents in 2 days--2 from the crayola chunker if you can believe that stretch. Someone buy me a drink...or some valium (halfway joking)...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Last night, I participated in an exhilarating event that makes your heart pound and your eyes water--Bingo. Down at the bingo hall, the smoky atmosphere calls you in, but be warned: it is harder than you think.

Imagine 3 college grads with quizzical faces and lots of laughter...that sets the stage for last night. Finally, we figured out how to play (don't laugh--YOU try it!) and had a blast. It is fast-paced, disappointing, hilarious, and it only lasts an hour. I have found my new hobby...kidding, kidding!

Seriously, it was funny to be having trouble "getting" the games and look over to see the 10 year old dabbing away with a diet coke in one hand and her ink dauber in the other!