Sunday, January 09, 2005

Obedience is not a Feeling

My sister left this morning :( I had some time before church to clean around the house and put some things away from my boxes (yes, I moved into this house in Sept.). I realized how easy tasks are once you just get started. I have been struggling with discipline in my relationship with Christ. I DESIRE to meet with God daily because I love Him, but I often find the end of the day coming sooner than I expected and I go to bed with regret that I made no time for God. I admire my sister for her consistency in prayer and worship, and we talked about how she doesn't always FEEL like doing those things. She just knows that she wants to, so she makes it a priority in her life. Then, I went to church this morning and the message was the exact same thing. The statements that hit me the most were: "Obedience is not a feeling" and "Love (for God) follows obedience". This essentially means that I should do the things that I KNOW I want to do (like daily prayer, worship, and communion with Jesus)--even when I don't feel like it--because the good feelings/emotion will come once I start. This may seem obvious, but it finally hit home with the housework & church message. God often teaches me with object lessons--it is then that they stick!