Thursday, November 10, 2005


So I went to a U2 concert on Halloween weekend and it was awesome! I bought the tickets back in the spring for me to go with my mom, brother, and sister (we have all loved U2 since I can remember). It was such an incredible concert, but I loved the time with my family most of all. I miss my brother terribly and I am so proud of him for starting college last year (he is a late bloomer, but a genius!). My mom has been the glue of our little struggling family and the Lord has really blessed us because of her surrender to Him. My sister is like our backbone of truth, strength, and wisdom and I have managed to lodge myself right into the middle of all of this :P

I was totally affected by Bono and his message for Africa and the nations (despite his rattling off of some crap about Islam, Jew, and Jesus all being true...but whatev). My heart for Africa has always been sensitive, but I guess the possibility of me being in Kenya for Jesus in March makes my eyes fill with tears and my heart pump a little faster. Who knew you could get a dynamic concert and a little missions lesson all rolled into nosebleed seats that sold out in 2 minutes 8 months ago?