Sunday, June 10, 2007

I miss him...

So, today is the 7 year anniversary (is that what you would call it??) of my dad passing away...I miss him always but am reminded more on this day.

Thanks to all my great friends who remembered and gave me hugs and flowers...I love all of you!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

House of Mirrors

I was reflecting (and by that I mean crying) the other day, and I realized that my life has felt a bit like a house of mirrors...

At first, it is so intriguing to lose yourself in all the chaos. Your mind tricked and teased into which reflection is actually you. As you move through, you become increasingly engrossed in the peculiarity of the experience. As you get lost in the hundreds of angles, panic starts to set in. You sweat slightly at the thought that you may be lost--not forever, even if just for a moment--you laugh nervously at how such a childish endeavor has turned you upside down.

As time passes, confusion sets in as you question where "you" ends and reflections begin; the lines blur between reality and created illusion. "You" (flesh & bone, soul & spirit) are lost. Or, maybe just fragmented; pieces of you scattered down an eternal pathway in view.

The only way to be grounded is to have the sense to step out into the Sun; fresh air...breathe; take in the wholeness of yourself; gathering the pieces of who you are in an instant. "You" are found. Sometimes we have to be fragmented and confused to appreciate our wholeness again.