Monday, September 12, 2005

Being Eve

I have struggled lately with trusting God's goodness in my life. I believe that all sin traces back to the core lie that God is not good and doesn't have our best interest at heart. Isn't that why Eve believed Satan and took matters into her own hands? God was holding out on her.

I have watched several dreams of mine come to fruition in the lives of others before my very eyes. It's tricky to be happy and jealous and doubtful and hopeful, all in the same breath. It makes me want to take matters into MY own hands sometimes. Ultimately I know that God is good to me and has my best interest at heart, but it takes a little while for that thought process to rule in my heart.

I am learning the secret of contentment: I love my life and all the opportunities as a single gal. Who do I know that has a life just like mine? Some days just take more convincing, that's all.