Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's Astro-Turf!

I am learning so much about the importance of looking beyond the surface of something/someone before I judge too quickly. My dad had this saying that made me laugh: "The grass IS greener on the other side, but when you get over there, you realize it's astro-turf." I know this to be true, but something about my heart always pushes me to make snap judgements about others, or to shy away from something that doesn't seem like what I want on the surface. I am not sure if this all makes sense, but I had a perfect lesson in contentment today.

I have been driving by the cutest house for months. At first it was for sale, and I wanted to buy it so bad. (Mind you, I am currently renting a great house and I am not looking to buy ANYTHING in the near future.) The house was alluring enough to make me consider spending beyond my means. It wouldn't sell, so they put it up for rent. I was so sad that I was "stuck" in the position I was in. I started to not like my house anymore and wished that I was "free" so that I could snatch the cute house up. Well today, I drove by the "perfect" house and the blinds were open so that you could see inside. This was my chance! I could finally peek in to see what I was missing and to wish I had a different situation. I walked up to find the smallest, most inconvenient, old, and did I mention smallest house I have ever seen? The inside was horrible! All of that pining--for nothing! Well, that house was not for nothing, it has made me think...the grass on the other side is definitely astro-turf!