Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Birthday Gift

I am turning 30 in a just a few weeks, and I am pretty excited! 29 has been awesome and I fully expect 30 to be even better (or so I've heard...). But, I really love presents and today I think I got the best one of all:

I was sitting with my little high school campers that are in my small group for the Texas Governor's School at UNT. Two "college" guys came and sat down and started chatting. They were complete morons and one of my kids even said, "They remind me of Superbad. All we would need is McLovin'!" (I laughed hysterically here)

They were 'enlightening' us on the joys of college life such as drinking and sex and how it will be awesome for us if we would do those things when we finally get to college. I turned to my little teens and said, "I beg to differ...I think you can do the exact opposite and have an amazing experience." The guys looked confused and said, "Oh, are you a college student?"

"No, I am actually 30." To my delight, they almost fell out of their chairs and said, "We thought you were in high school...we thought you were one of them!"

While it doesn't change the fact that I am turning 30 (which I honestly don't mind), it is good to know that I may need to keep my ID handy--not just for drinks, but maybe for R-rated movies as well!

Ps. About four hours after that, I spent the evening in the ER with symptoms of a heart attack. Turns out to be grief-related anxiety I think, so no worries. However, it somewhat took the wind out of my "high school" sails.